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Adaptable. Scalable. Innovative. Flexible… AS IF

A perk of an independent life is having an independent view. This blog was started by Sam Howard in February 2011, after many years of having worked on B2B tech PR and just one week after going freelance.

Adaptable. Scalable. Innovative. Flexible. AS IF. The four most over-used words in tech PR. Perhaps here, we might be a little bit more authentic.

Horribly honest, sometimes insightful, and invariably rather jolly, our occasional posts narrate the pros and  perils of freelance life and give guidance for starting your comms career.

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08/11/2017: You don’t have to be a recluse to freelance. David our new fintech writer and researcher looks at how to overcome the isolation of freelancing

20/10/2017: Sam, founder of The Comms Crowd, tells it like it is:Top five mistakes to avoid when pitching your freelance services.

1/10/2017:Are you emotionally suited to being a freelancer?Sandra, our new copy writer provides a checklist of attributes needed to thrive in the gig economy.

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