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Why Call in the Crowd?

  • If you deserve recognition for your technology offering but your voice is just not getting heard…
  • If you’ve a whole floor of geniuses but no one has the time to create decent content or make it look compelling…
  • If your tech business is ready to embrace PR but your initial investment is small and needs to prove it’s worth it…
  • If you need to generate leads and what you’re doing now is not enough.
  • If you found that, despite committing what seemed a small fortune, you were still small fry on a PR agency rosta and you never saw those super creatives after that first glorious PR pitch…

Then just get in touch! We’re ever so approachable. We’re loosely based in London and like to meet in cake shops, but it’s not a deal breaker.

When it comes to rates, typically we charge less than half our former London agency rates. We tend to work on retainer but sometimes if it’s better for you we just bill our time at the end of each month. So the budget conversation shouldn’t take long and then we can get down to helping.

We are a limited company and VAT registered.