Social media activist & occasional junior

Marcel_v2_SmallMarcel Klebba

Our youngest member is Marcel. Sam discovered him through her work with the University of Westminster, where she is a lecturer in PR. She was struck by his woolly hats and his intense and intelligent questions – here was a boy that would never be ‘winging’ it.

Not one afraid of hard work, Marcel attends uni, works in a coffee shop, works with us and undertakes PR internships wherever he can get them. While still exploring what the PR world has to offer he has an early calling for corporate, tech and B2B. He’s a true believer in the power of digital and social communication channels and looks after our twitter feed and also some of the clients’ social channels. He also helps out with putting together the coverage books and what not.

Marcel is a radio buff too and was part of the committee for the university’s radio station, Smoke Radio, recently named Best Student Radio Station in the UK.