CSO (Chief Storytelling Officer) and PR Pro

Sam Howard

Sam Howard, MCIPR

This was her idea – she has a lot of those. A wayward punk back in the day, Sam is a natural disrupter. She is also an award-winning story teller with some 20 years’ experience in B2B tech PR. Sam began her career in house, working with a fintech start-up and then went onto a Fortune 500, before spending 10 years with one of the foremost London fintech agencies. Joining as an account director, she broke several glass ceilings and went on to lead its PR function for London and New York, responsible for the reputations of some 40 clients.

Sam has been the creative director on multiple award-winning campaigns. She has a knack of tapping into the authentic and giving it a compelling voice ensuring that what is said is of real interest to the intended audience. She believes the journalists are her top customers. “If you look after the journos, give them great stories, the rest looks after itself.” So she makes sure every client story is one worth telling.

Sam is passionate about nurturing next generation talent. To that end she is also an associate lecturer in PR for Westminster University, The London College of Communication and Annenberg College, University of Southern California.

Sam converted to the freelance faith in 2011. To make sure there was no going back, she took in a very big, very bouncy dog, part black lab/part something much worse. She’s still not sure he is a good idea. She lives with her son and other animals in a part of London that is not altogether desirable but does have parakeets by day and owls of an evening.