PR, Social, Digital – make it credible


We may work from home and so not always look our best, but it’s all best practice here. We provide UK PR, digital and social media services: managing your reputation, instilling trust and ensuring your modest PR retainer is invested in impact, not splurged on white noise.


We tell your company story creatively and credibly, making sure news is newsworthy and that your proposition adds value to the debate. We are expert at keeping you front of mind even when news is thin on the ground or you don’t have much time to give us. Through staying close to topical issues and providing thought leadership content, your media know to expect good stories from us.

As a rule we focus on the hard-core B2B trade and business press but we can and regularly do achieve coverage in the top tier nationals like The Times, The Guardian, BBC, WSJ, Forbes etc. It depends on the strength and credibility of the story…

For example, here’s a coverage book on a campaign we ran with our blockchain intelligence client, Elliptic. This campaign was devloped in a day, when the Wannacry virus looked set to take down all our computers – unless we paid a ransom in Bitcoin. Fortunately Elliptic was on hand to deter the criminals from fully executing their dastardly plan. In three days we achieved 60+ pieces of coverage in the nationals and business press and 31,000 social shares.

Social Media

For hardcore B2B firms social media is a means to amplify your brand, tell your story and demonstrate you are on top of the issues of the day. We are here to advise on which platform is right for your business, what tone of voice to use and help you run social media campaigns in conjunction with your wider communications plans.

Have a look at the Twitter feed we run for our fintech client, Caplin.

Digital Marketing

If you invest in good content you need it to draw in the widest audience and generate leads and this is where PR can really help. We can create the content or source an academic, journalist or researcher to do so, manage the writing process and then promote the findings.

Have a look at the coverage we achieved in the promotion of a whitepaper for visual data start-up, Cloudview.