Cyber PR

Alicia Broadest

Alicia joined The Crowd in 2018 after hearing about us on social media and works with Debbie looking after our cyber clients.

With unrivalled enthusiasm, Alicia has a terrible habit of trying to juggle as many tasks as humanly possible, and all fuelled by as little sleep as she can muster. That said, she brings 10 years of tech PR experience to the team, specialising in tech security. On the flip side, she also doubles as a freelance journalist reviewing restaurants and suffering the consequences of having to eat delicious meals and sup wine in her spare time.

Her experience as a journalist has enabled her to build strong relationships with key media, who value her understanding of the industry. She’s not afraid to pick up the phone and show off her pitching prowess when talking to press, and will happily throw the odd ‘curve ball’ their way in order to secure a ‘big hit’ for our clients.

When not working (or eating), you will likely find her entertaining her three young boys, planning a holiday, taking a holiday or quietly correcting the grammar of anyone who crosses her path!


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