Marc Duke

Marc is a new addition to The Comms Crowd, joining in 2019. He specialises in the area of influencer marketing – looking at who and how individuals and organisations impact purchasing decisions. Marc has over 20 years’ B2B marketing and comms experience and has worked with large vendors such as Microsoft, HP and Samsung and many a start-up. His approach is simple – deliver results, not excuses.

In terms of his influencer work his aim is to figure out which people are making decisions and which ones need to be influenced. After that he looks at how to create and maintain relationships with these key stakeholders to support our clients’ business objectives.

Outside The Crowd Marc likes to sing – a lot. He even teaches it, as unlike his family, his pupils can’t tell him to be quiet. When not singing he is busy supporting Spurs (and also sings when they win which, at time of writing, is also quite a bit).


Marc’s blog posts