Tech social media and content

Peter Springett

Peter first worked with The Comms Crowd on social media when we launched back in 2012. Now he’s back following a five-year ‘sabbatical’ where he lead the content and social teams for a London fintech consultancy and then an online language learning start-up in Berlin.

At both organisations he launched and grew social media accounts that acquired thousands of engaged followers. In his most recent role, he grew the Instagram account from 900 to 25,000 followers in just 12 months. This included working with a network of international influencers to create photos, videos and stories in five different languages for a global audience.

With a background in tech journalism and marketing, Peter is also one of our most prolific writers covering all elements of tech, cyber and fintech. Most recently he’s written about AI and machine learning for one of the world’s biggest content streaming businesses. In his spare time, he blogs about social media, content marketing and SEO.

When he’s not at his desk in Berlin, you’ll find Peter running marathons all over the world, hiking in Skye, his favourite holiday destination, or cycling with his fellow ‘mamils’ in the French Alps.