Our causes

When you work for yourself you can chose how you spend your time, so it seems only right to spend some of it helping others. Work is really important to us – it has helped define who we are, given us our place in the world. Helping the next generation onto that first step of the ladder seems the least we can do. As a diverse agency ourselves, supporting the Taylor Bennett Foundation from the very beginning was an obvious choice for us.


The Taylor Bennett Foundation is an award-winning work-based PR training programme that exists to encourage black, Asian and ethnic minority graduates to pursue a career in communications. It provides a paid 10-week intensive training course aimed at preparing graduates for work in the PR industry. It has trained 124 graduates over six years.

Since 2011 Sam has worked with the trainees helping them to better understand the industry and how best to prepare for those early roles, often going on to mentor trainees until they find work.

She has also worked with the course director, Sarah Stimson, to contribute to the book How To Get a Job in PR, published in December 2013.