Cool coverage featuring our FinTech clients

125 years in FinTech comms means we’ve had the time to establish positive and meaningful relationships with journalists working in the trade, business and national press. It’s the strength of these relationships and our deep understanding of what makes great copy that delivers consistently strong and hard-hitting coverage.

Here’s just a fraction of what we’ve secured recently:

  • Comments from CEO and co-founder of Urban Jungle in Insurance Times discussing the latest FCA report and its impact on the industry
  • Xceptor’s CEO discusses the potential of intelligent automation in this Tabb Forum byline article
  • Treasury Today interviews Identitii’s CEO to discuss the latest technologies in this space
  • Identitii’s CEO provides some comments for this Global Treasurer article on Open Banking
  • Interview with Finantix co-founder with Professional Wealth Management discussing how AI can bolster the human side of wealth management
  • Why should you hire from within? In this article for The Times JDX’s head of learning speaks to about the firm’s approach
  • An opinion piece by Identitii’s CEO in Fintech Futures on the opportunities that Open Banking can bring
  • Interview with Xceptor’s CEO in this Best Execution article on the progress of data management
  • A byline piece by Finantix co-founder on “Pragmatic Innovation is the Key to Success” in RegTech Insights
  • 11:FS Q&A with Urban Jungle CEO and co-founder on building an InsurTech offering
  • In this episode of The Trainer Tools Podcast, JDX’s head of development discusses the real value of learning programmes
  • How can AI enhance the customer journey? Finantix co-founder offers his insights in this Private Banker International byline article.
  • In DiversityQ, JDX’s head of development discusses how a culture of inclusivity, coaching and empowerment is key to the success of any firm
  • JDX’s MD discusses the plans financial institutions should be making around Libor changes in this Global Risk Regulator byline article
  • Euromoney interviews Caplin Systems’ CEO for this article on DLT distributed ledger technology as a means of reducing back-office costs
  • Byline from the founder of BTD Consulting in Acquisition International on the role of leaders following an acquisition
  • News story in the Daily Mail on how blockchain start-up Elliptic is tackling criminal use of bitcoin
  • Exclusive in CNBC on how blockchain start-up Elliptic is tackling use of bitcoin to pay for child porn
  • Interview with co-founder of blockchain start-up Elliptic in the Guardian on how the company helped to track the people behind the WannaCry ransomware