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With so many firms offering consultancy services, it’s hard to stand out. Unlike companies who push their products’ unique selling points or latest features and functions, your people and processes are what set you apart, and what you should be known for.

We have worked with many B2B consultancies over the years, including BJSS, BTD, JDX, Kotter and now Quorsus. As a result we have learned to balance extracting thought leadership input from your smartest people against the need for those smartest people to be stacking up their billable hours.

Whether you want to promote your unique culture or spread the word about your geographic growth, or if you simply want to generate prospective clients’ interest, we can create the right campaign for your consultancy.

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  • Article placement for BJSS in Information Age outlining the five steps to empower punk employees.
  • Byline from Kotter’s MD for Europe, Graham Scrivener, in Management Today on why cultural diversity at work matters.