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Standing up for the Start-ups

Gaining traction with a new venture in a crowded marketplace is tough. Word of mouth among industry friends and family can get you out of the starting blocks, but for sustained growth and a strong pipeline, you need more, a lot more.

Even though it is critical to success, devising and implementing a smart marketing comms strategy that cuts through the start-up white noise may not even get its own Post-it note, given how many other demands there are on your time.

But your marketing comms does have to be smart. At a time when budget is precious you can’t afford to squander it on activities that have little or no impact on your commercial goals. With limited resources, cash flow challenges and not enough hours in the day, many business incubators and mentors agree that at this stage, when early recognition is vital to survival, outsourcing marketing expertise is the way to go.

Unlike traditional agencies, we only hire the most senior consultants with deep dive industry knowledge and a wide range of marketing skills. This means you benefit from an agile, high value, low maintenance team that’s on your side, delivering the punches that for now are way above your weight.

We can guide your marketing strategy, determining which parts of the marketing mix should come into play and when to best support these early years – and then we just get on with it, leaving you free to grow your business.

Earning our Start-up stripes

Start-ups we have had the pleasure of supporting include: Apperio, Brexit Tracker, dxw, Elliptic, GDF, Mobius Labs, mySociety, Identitii, smartKYC and many more.

Check out some recent awards won for our Start-up clients:

Some great coverage achieved for our Start-up clients:

  • Article in Computer Weekly on Australia’s adoption of open banking with comment from Identitii’s CEO
  • Letter from the CEO of IoT visual surveillance company Cloudview in the Daily Telegraph discussing new cyber security legislation
  • Comments from the founder of Brexit Tracker in The Independent on what economic indicators show about the financial impact of Brexit
  • Interview with the CEO of civic tech experts mySociety in Management Today on his approach to leadership
  • News story in the Daily Mail on how blockchain start-up Elliptic is tackling criminal use of bitcoin